The Twelve Great Virtues


By Richard Kieninger


Edited by Warren Curry


The Twelve Great Virtues  is a transcription of Richard Kieninger's first public appearance as Emissary of the Brotherhoods. With each Virtue, thought-provoking questions for further study are given.

The Twelve Great Virtues lecture series was presented in four sessions during May, 1968, in Chicago by Richard Kieninger who wrote THE ULTIMATE FRONTIER under the pen name Eklal Kueshana. The Great Virtues comprise the elements of human character which are essential to man’s personal advancement. The familiar names of the Twelve Great Virtues do little to elicit inspiration; but when fully described and analyzed by Mr. Kieninger, their profoundness becomes movingly apparent. The rewards to be gained through an awareness of them are even more meaningful; for it is explained how one’s acquisition of the Twelve Great Virtues leads naturally and safely to an intensification of one’s powers of perceptions.

Mr. Kieninger delivered this lecture in response to the interest developed by his book, THE ULTIMATE FRONTIER, which explains the ancient organizations known as the Brotherhoods and describes Their long-range plan for concerted, world-wide uplift of mankind and civilization. The Brotherhoods have been remarkably successful in attracting the greater souls of the world to Their magnificent Program for human advancement over the centuries. A candidate or member of the Brotherhoods generally continues his associations with the world-at-large, but his growth over the years in regard to person serenity, strength of character, control of self, and success in living arouses speculation among acquaintances as to what caused this man to become so outstanding. Aside from the Brotherhood’s garnering of the Truths of Existence which have set the Brothers free to soar, the Twelve Great Virtues afford Them the majesty of character which must be at the root of all personal achievement.

A current phase of the Program of the Brotherhoods entails the formation of a city in the United States of America in northern Illinois named Stelle. The organization assigned the task of gathering together the finest men and women of Western Europe and North America into this technological-spiritual-educational community in called The Stelle Group. There, under the guidance of scientist-philosophers assigned by the Brotherhoods, a new civilization is beginning to be consciously evolved. [1968]



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Second Lecture






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Fourth Lecture





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