Ten Qualities of Mind


By Richard Kieninger


Your brain is a fantastically complex living computer able to perform many complex feats in a split second which no man-made computer has been able to duplicate. Nevertheless, you are not your brain, rather, your brain, as well as your entire body, is a tool through which you as an Ego operate in order to gain the experiences by which you eventually learn all there is to know of the physical plane.

All of the qualities of Mind are inseparably bound to one another. God did not create ten qualities of Mind and link them together to form the phenomenon of mental power. Nevertheless, certain activities and contemplations are linked to development of the respective quality, and so an Ego may exhibit some aspect stronger than others during his growth. Mind simply is Mind. But, in order for us to better analyze what its powers are we have assigned definitions to its major aspects as it exists at the Egoic level. There are ten Qualities of Mind. They are Memory, Desire, Will, Curiosity, Consciousness, Conscience, Creativeness, Intuition, Reason, and Emotion. When I speak of these ten qualities, it is in the context of their functioning on the discarnate Egoic level where they are uninfluenced by the conditioned reflexes of your brain or the drives imposed by your physical body.

The ten qualities of your Mind are intended to be fully developed, and this process spans thousands of incarnations and progressions of the lifewaves until you have arrived at Celestial perfection. Your Egoic Mind seeks to know and remember, to strive, and to be aware of itself and other Minds. It is creative, seeks to do what is correct, and communicates and receives thoughts from other Minds, it can decide and plan and experience emotions. Your Mind is a seed of God which, when cultivated and nourished, can grow to eventual reunion with the Creator. Your Mind has unlimited potentials and you can realize them as have those persons who have already qualified for Initiation in the Brotherhoods.



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